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"Everybody else, if they knew what a great cat I had, would be envious of the wonderful cat I had, because you can't have the very best cat - I've got him. I had him."


"My sister taught him to jump into the kitchen chairs and sit. And until his bones were too old, he would demonstrate this, politely as saying please. Every now and then, you'd walk into the kitchen and find a red dog curled up on the seat of an old oak library chair."


Jessamyn and Nita lost their Benjamin Cat and Rusty Dog recently. Every time I read about someone losing their beasties, I'm especially careful to make sure every one of mine gets a pat and a hug.

Adelaide in the zipper area of my fleece. I tuck her in here, she falls asleep, I get to type without a kitten trying to sleep on my hands.

Now, I know that someone at Pathmark, and someone at Smith's thought this was all cheery and in the Holiday Spirit. I think it's deeply creepy and jumped a foot passing the dairy case.

This is the reason we went out to dinner, to Burger King. Simpsons talking watches!

Yes, I am 5.

How could I resist them, they come with a Fancy Gift Box included!






Coming in tonight from dinner, and freezing, because it's 21F/-6C. Anthea tells me its -15C there (there is Oslo, Norway, which is to here temperature wise as here is to Darwin), which sounds cold, so I convert it to Fahrenheit and it's 5. Single digit Fahrenheit is about as fucking cold as negative figured Celsius.

Course, if there's snow and ice out, I still drive like a Granny and walk like I've shat myself, especially on my first day of snow driving this season, which was today. I can handle snow, it's a nice kind of crunchy, and your feet sink into it, so providing you have waterproof boots, it's like walking in sand.

Ice, on the other hand, is like walking on eggshells. Or the tectonic plates of the earth. Nothing stable to hold you up there. Black ice is worse, cause you can't see it. Suddenly your foot's doing one of those wild swinging in an arc tap dance moves and you're not in a musical? That's Black Ice. Gently tap the brakes to slow down and find your car has no traction at all? That's Black Ice. Because you can't see it, I assume it's everywhere, until I can see no snow anywhere at all. I drive 5 miles under the speed limit, I slow down a full block before I need to turn. I walk like I need my nappy (Diaper) changed, slow, squishily uncomfortable steps. Really, I'd rather walk like I've got shitty pants than walk like I've hurt myself.

This is the carpark (my spell checker wants me to change these words to carp ark.) outside the deli we must get our sliced American cheese from. (Jeff's family's been going to the same deli forever, since the 1940's, so this is where we must get cheese from.) That white crispy looking stuff, that's at least 1 inch/2.5 cm thick in places, and not very thick at all in others. It used to be snow, that turned into slush, then froze into the shapes of tyre marks and people's foot prints. Even getting back into my car is a trick, you know how you support yourself on one leg while you lift the other into the car. Try that one day with a bowl full of ice under the supporting foot, it's an aerobics challenge.


Actually, it's not so much a deli this place, as an old fashioned bait, tackle and sportsman's store. The right near to it locals use it as their supermarket. They don't have cars, so they come here. It's not cheap, but it's not prohibitively expensive. We just buy sliced cheese, and the occasional newspaper or snack.

The picture to the left is their bait tank. They usually have some kind of small bait fish in there, whitefish looking things. This time, they have these long slinky things, I think they're eels. Eels in a tank is what tells you it's not your average deli

Picture to Right - Catch Mud's expression as Adelaide tries to gnaw on his leg.

Picture below - Charlie assumes a long suffering pose. If I ignore it, it will Go Away.


Most common sentence heard around our house lately?


Stop killing Adelaide!

Second most common sentence?


Stop giving "Insert-name-of-Adult-cat" so many reasons to kill you!




I'm going to borrow from Dorothy R, with my bulleted list of things I should put in an entry at some point;

  • swimming, bathers, and going down a size
  • Jeff's birthday and the three cakes
  • Syd
  • Plin Con
  • My birthday
  • China Outlet & Garage
  • Saving the house next door from burning down
  • Debt collectors pissing me off
  • Christmas Parades, gallons of hot chocolate and more house fires
  • 3 years of photos from Walmart
  • My amaazing deals at the Goodwill.


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