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    Precipice - Thursday December 12th 2002, 6:00 pm




"We three bins on orient are.." Remnants of snow and ice, I'm not wearing boots with any grip, so here they stay for Jeff.

First snowman on my trip out today. Real sticks for arms, I'm in a Christmas card.

Kinda grungy snow, but I like the skeletal snowman doppelganging to the right.

This is the trend this year, huge inflatable snowmen, santas and soldiers. This place had all three.

They're kept inflated by an electric air pump. So the next morning, you see all these limp and flat Santa's out on the lawn. It's like the town is populated with Sad Drunk Santas.

"aaah! It's the industrial accident snowpeople!"



All pictures and a wee bit of text tonight.


My Ford Probe is a low slung car, so trucks, the lorries and the utes (in the US, they refer to a Utility vehicle also as a truck) regularly loom. This is often the view through my rear view mirror.   Zooming round the corner to a clients, to pick up some documents, and this sunset takes my breath away. They're not like they are in Australia, but they're beautiful all on their own. Amazing pinks and blues.


Coming home from the same client, and I see this out the window. The stark dark ahead, and the world on fire behind me.



Twelve months ago today, last years Christmas Party. I got Jeffrey to dance, and to make sure it was noted in history, I got pictures. Nothing quite as historic this year, I suspect, possibly a biennial event. This is where I'll be tonight, with free lamb, free lobster, and free drinkies. Should be fun!


I'm going to borrow from Dorothy R, with my bulleted list of things I should put in an entry at some point;

  • Jeff's birthday and the three cakes
  • Syd
  • Plin Con
  • My birthday
  • China Outlet & Garage
  • Saving the house next door from burning down
  • Debt collectors pissing me off
  • Christmas Parades, gallons of hot chocolate and more house fires
  • 3 years of photos from Walmart
  • My amaazing deals at the Goodwill.


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