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This page is for those diarists who have a Notify or Mailing List. They know you're reading, and you get cool reminder Emails,everybody wins.

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Listings Alphabetical by Journal Name


    Automated Mailing Lists
1 The "Entry's up and that is all" type lists.
2 The "I don't want or it doesn't fit in my olj" type lists
3 The " I'm really not finding time to HTML, but I still want to write, if you want to read email entries" type lists.
4 The "I send it out and then I HTML it later, either in that form, or a revised version" type lists.
5 The "Completely email journal" type lists.
6 The "Slightly more than "entry's up" but quickie aside notes" type lists.
7 The "Only used if I'm one email away from being asked if I died, or do regular lapses out of the public eye" type lists.
8 and then some..





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