Sunday, June 03, 2007

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Tuesday, December 25, 2001 - Midnight Oil back to 'rub noses' with North American fans - November 15, 2001

"So where has this impassioned group that once produced such thunder from Down Under been?
"We've been where we've spent most of our lives," said Garrett. "In this country on the other side of the world on the other hemisphere, with a different time zone and a different climate called Australia."

This whole "Where are they now?" thing rarely takes into account people being successful in their own country, or even, some times, in everywhere else but the USA.

But Peter Garrett's not antagonistic:

"We recognize that if we're going to put our records out in other places we need to reacquaint ourselves with our mates in different places -- come and rub noses with the audience," he said. "

Yep, that works for me too.
Movie & TV News @ Rivera Dukes it out with Reporter

Geraldo Rivera, just for the bleeding obvious record, is a fucking idiot. First he reports he's carrying a gun for his safety in Afghanistan. (Uh hello? Supposed to be a *real* reporter? yeesh). Now he's spitting the dummy because he's been found out about not being at the site of the friendly fire incident.

"In an interview appearing in today's (Monday) Washington Post, Rivera charged that Sun writer David Folkenflik had "slandered a journalist who is an honest person and has contributed arguably much more to American society than he has."

How exactly did his piece of shit daily talk show add to American society?

Eh, no point wasting further words on this cretin that nobody should be taking seriously. (Hello, Fox News? I'm looking at you now.)

Friday, December 21, 2001


"And a Burger King cup! "

OK, so I no longer think the Burger King Cups are quite so naff.
Google Holiday Logos

Blogger always has the googlest, er, that would be coolest specialty logos, and this Christmas is no exception. They update every day, for about a week or so.

My other favourite is the sequence done for the 2000 Sydney Summer Olympics. For my money, this sequence beats the crap out of every single millisecond of NBC's crap coverage.

Tuesday, December 18, 2001

Big Country star 'sounded great' before death trip - NME.COM News

As soon as I heard he'd been found dead, my first thought was suicide. I don't know why, I'd never read anything about his depressions or alcoholism. Being found dead in a hotel room in Hawaii after being disappeared for a month, that just sounds like someone in dire straits. Today I read this, and it's appeared to be confirmed. He was found hanging in the hotel room in Hawaai. How awful sad. I really liked his music, his Big Country music was all I knew, but it was good stuff.

Quotiing from this
"they were pioneers and they had a wonderful attitude to life. They were joyous to watch playing live and they played great music."

Joyous, happy music he made, and it's awful dreadful sad that he's dead at 43.

Courtney Love delivers open message to Nirvana fans - NME.COM News

mmm. I don't actually subscribe to the theory that Nirvana was only Kurt Cobain. Can't say much for Krist Novoselic's work after the band's demise, but just looking at Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters, and thinking back to songs like Smells like Teen Spirit, that driving drum beat was as much a part of that song as the guitar riff.

Courtney does have it tough, being a single Mum in almost any circumstances is no picnic, let alone high profile, husband killing himself with a shotgun, fairly alternative career and lifestyled one.

I think she's a little off beam in this one.

Saturday, December 15, 2001

35 Accused of Using Babies to Run Drugs

.... Not much more to say about this really.

Wednesday, December 12, 2001 - News - Runaway Reindeer Shot By Hunter

You'd think a reindeer would look significantly different than your average deer, and be worth checking out rather than randomly blasting away. Maybe this hunter's the reason the rest of them wear bright orange vests.
Fundraising Effort Tops $130,000 For Kabul Zoo

The zookeepers are remaining loyal to the animals remaining, despite being without wages for weeks. This is the sort of story that makes me cry and also makes me happy that there are people looking after animals like this.

Tuesday, December 11, 2001

Love in the time of mobiles - - National

"In the West, dumping the ex by text message has become the chic way to end a relationship. In the United Arab Emirates, it's the sheik way to get a divorce. Truly. While Islamic law says men must declare the end by saying "I divorce you" three times, a court in Dubai set a precedent for allowing the sentiment to be delivered via text message over a mobile phone."

oh my, I'd have to hurt the boy who did that to me...
iv jst gt 2 get a msg 2U - - National

I have every email message to and from Jeff for at least 6 months from the day we first started emailing, December 2nd, 1996. I printed out 3 months worth to take to US immigration to prove we were in a proper relationship. deleting messages like that would just not be a Fun Thing!
Australian trained with bin Laden's troops - - National

Bloody idiot. First words into my head when reading this story. Put this joker in the same place as the US guy captured last week. Talk about backing the wrong horse completely.
Pilot killed, boy misses transplant as Flying Doctor plane crashes on mercy mission - - National

Not too many things more sucky than this news story. Fairly shocking to me, and the first time it's happened in SA, so pretty shocking to everyone there too. Poor pilot, poor kid.