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Tell me your New Years Resolutions (and tell me if I can quote you).
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The reality is, somewhere between the time when you can be anything, and now, you became something.

So the controversy ended up devolving to something like
this: Can the word "breeder" be reclaimed? Should it be?

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And it's so inherent to you, and to me, now that I know what it is, that to remove it from me would be like draining the blood from my body.

Oh, guys... I had no idea that having a baby would feel this good.

Well, fuck you, Democrats can be exactly as hardheaded as they were.

I remember watching a debate in which someone said to Bush that opening up the Alaskan wildlife refuge wasn't the right thing for the environment, and he said amiably, No, but it's the right thing for the consumer.

And of course, I am more than thrilled a Republican is once again in the White House.

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The silk merchant runs his business out of his home, and while you can get there by public transit, you could also fly from Toronto to Halifax in approximately the same time.

This entry exists because I am working on a book proposal.

this is my absolute mess of a room that i mentioned yesterday.

It is not the list of ingredients and instructions that are significant. Rather the context of the message.

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And that's when I came to this dreaded realization: they think I'm a network executive!

On Friday a woman in San Francisco was was unlocking the door to her apartment
when she was attacked by two Presa Canario dogs.

"One nation, under god," indeed. Unless, of course, you don't happen to worship the god that the state wants you to.

The glamorous life of a freelancer.

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Alphabetical List of Journals, January 2001


Updated 12 February, 2001