I read a lot of journals, I find a lot of entries that I consider to be "slice of life".

I can't read everyone, and I don't want to put the same journals up every month, so please, send me submissions.

1)Unless there's a gap in the calendar, I only take submissions for entries of the month I'm currently in.

2) If a day already has two entries in it, chances are I won't use another entry from that same day. I have been known to use three, but it's not a definite thing.

3) You can self submit an entry, or someone else's entry.

4) The above are subject to change, my discretion. I don't/can't guarantee I'll put an entry up if you submit it. Limited space, can't be cluttered, and my subjectivity all come into play here.

    Send me slices.

Updated 22 November, 2000