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Slicing October 2000

I once loved a girl with golden hair and silver eyes...


Yesterday (Halloween actually) I collected Annette and Madeleine from the hospital.

I'm not the Oracle of Delphi (chorus of readers: "Gasp! You aren't!?!?") and I wouldn't bet any money on it. It is just a little sneaking feeling I have.

"Some people," I said and laughed, "find it erotic. I find it erotic."

It doesn't look like he's going away. My Dad is looking at the options now and talking to various Garda friends and lawyer friends.

I'm looking forward to it, as long as I don't pull a quadricep again.

Yet it's a symbol I'll doubtless follow every year, around his birthday--- for the rest of my life.

As odd as Guy Fawks Night is an occasion for fireworks, we've got nobody to celebrate independence from, and it's good enough for me!

I only want to drink Water

Above all else, a father and husband

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Arcobaleno is Italian for rainbow.

The US Election

During the course of my hiatus, this web page has turned three years old.

Thus began the kitten rodeo.

I talk to myself.

When I was hastily throwing the goody bags together, I came across one keychain I had to have for myself.

I quit my job on Wednesday morning.

I miss my sister, why'd she go?

I've been cleaning up vomit left and right for the past thiry-six hours or so, and I'm a bit worn out from all the excitement.

Man, anytime my horoscope tells me to be a fat lazy bastard, I'm down with that.

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It wasn't a bolt of lightning

Or, if you're Maytag, Biscuit, which just cracks me up in all kinds of ways.

One phone call, and they'll dispatch a helicopter full of Mossad-trained operatives.

So the fuel protestors rolled into town today - a convoy into Edinburgh and another into London.

This morning, I rolled out of bed and groggily tried to walk right through my closed bedroom door, apparently believing that I could pass unhindered through solid objects.

The weather is beautiful, and so are the people.

He just is, and often his is is playful

Speaking of reality ....$30....that's how much it cost me for a 2 kilo turkey today.

Like everything that has to be done and can't be done during the week, socially and chores-wise, gets thrown on the "to do"-list for Saturday.

Bounce, jump, hop, skotch. Over the socks he goes.

Vignettes of real life. As comforting and nourishing as cheese on toast.

I am reminded, young or old, that we have only so many days in this world and I'd better make the best of them.

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After saying 'it's a small world' about fifty times, we parted ways, and Jack and I did the only thing you can do while killing time before a flight; ate ice-creams by the water and watched the sun go down.

It's been so long since I felt someone's arms around me, I barely remember what it's like.

Things will get better. They will. That's just the way it is.

Thereís nothing more pathetic than crying about potentially losing someone.

Today was the first whole day that snow on the ground survived from dawn into the night.

Please know that I never intended to ignore this for so long, but time just got away from me this month.

The sucker has a cow catcher on the front!

I have lived in Canada all my life. I've gone through 25 winters, and this will be my 26th.

So, Happy Thanksgiving to all you Americans, and, er, happy Thursday to the rest of you...

In other words, if you live anywhere far away from where you were born, raised and learned to talk, expect to lose your accent.

Find out who's getting cake and when.

Nov. 24: Amanda Page of "Amanda's Precipice" ,

Amy Michelle of "Methology"

Jeremy Nicholson of "Glass Mixing Bowl"   , OH, USA
Judy Watt of "Everything Changes"
Willa Cline of "Willa's Journal"

For the rest of us, birthdays have a decidedly limited appeal.

But the thing was, I had a glimpse today of life beyond work and it was good!

135. Visit Patagonia

I don't like spiders and worms seeing me naked.

Est-ce que la vie tourne si vite que je ne suis plus en mesure de la suivre ?

If gardening really is the new rockíníroll, then is "indie rock".

It'll be like Swiss Family Robinson, only with more cursing.

I am about the struggle between freewill and fate.

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Canadian Election

Mostly, what I'd like to see is an end to the "steal the election" rhetoric.

Money situations freak me out, but his motto is "It's just money."

Martha Stewart can't hold a fucking candle to me ...

The thing that got to me most, I think, was that I tried to watch "Reality Bites" as a non-smoker.

I've been reading Bridget Jones's Diary and increasingly coming to the conclusion that I am in fact Bridget Jones.

They're not rude enough to exclude me from the cigarette crew, but everyone knows I don't fit in because I don't smoke.

It's a good thing I live in a place where the sun comes out at least every three or four days, even in the winter.

If you knew that the world would end tomorrow, what would you do today?

So he did the next thing that popped into his mind; he called 911.

Day without Weblogs

Slicing December 2000

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