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I mean, who needs words, when you have such beautiful images to contemplate?

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Mom and I loaded the wood into the trunk, then sat out on the porch swing and talked and watched him work, then we went in for dinner, and sat around the table and told ghost stories.

When I got home, Rob cooked sausages on the outdoor barbecue, and I made mashed potato and steamed spinach, while I contemplated the goods and bads of the Olympics being over.

A million years in the space of a heartbeat. That's what my life feels like.

I felt guilty for laughing and smiling again, and for wanting to have fun. But the last thing that dad would want for me, is to be unhappy.

Go right to the source.

We could have done that ourselves of course, via the local weekly car-boot sale, and pocketed the profit.

'Tis a gift to be simple, 'tis a gift to be free
'Tis a gift to come down where we ought to be
And when we find ourselves in the place just right
We will be in the valley of love and delight
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I am deathly serious about this. How do I stop the nightmares? I can't do this for seven more weeks...

I dialed up my little roll-on stuff that smells like freshly spanked babies, or whatever they're calling that powdery bouquet of theirs.

Damn straight. Never mess with an angry Klutz who just lost her caffeine fix!

I will never be alone as long as you are with me. I will never have to bear the burdens of life by myself. When I get tired of carrying my load, I can stop and say 'Hey, wait a minute.' and you'll wait for me.


Keeping up.

How to have a lovely Saturday.

So, in honour of Miss America, I have been practicing my beauty pageant smile in the mirror.

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I hate that song. Who let the dogs out? I don't care. I honestly honestly don't.

Paul got disenchanted with persimmon eating and gathering and went to play on and in a nearby hollow log while I continued to shake the tree and fill the hat.

Indeed, every wedding I've been to since mine reminds me of my own, and how much I was in love with my wife that day, and how much I am in love with her still.

I realized about ten minutes ago that Sunday, as in this past Sunday, was the one year anniversary of my taking the giant leap into the OLJ world. Wow.

It's not every weekend that begins with such magic. This is what happened...

Behind him there was Little Johnnie's smiling face. His government is falling down around him and he's at the Games.

I drove over bridges, a warm blue-skied orange afternoon, and I drove down narrow cobblestone streets -- between compact old houses, under glittering stars, no streetlights.
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They do not think like us; why then should we be accepting of them?

About an hour or two every single day I don't want to move anymore. I just want to change my mind and stay where I am.

despite any wishes to the contrary, i've become a political junkie.

Not even close. I have been deluded from beginning to end.

I know where wings come from.

I have a dream of someday putting all of my old journals online -- I don't ever want to risk losing them again -- and I think I'll be back here someday (maybe even soon). But right now, this is what I want to do.

Just because the holiday party is today, the whole world has decided to change the date of Hallowe'en from October 31st to sometime this weekend!

If you're in medicine long enough, you don't get a golden watch, you get a jaded one.

She was noncommittal. I was pissed.

I just...would like somewhere to direct all this passion I get built up. And I'd like to have some passion aimed at me. Yeah.

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The Sunshine State, tolerates not The Summertime Blues. Queensland undertook daylight savings a couple of summers of my youth, but gave it the flick despite other Eastern states going ahead with it.


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